Nurturing a Child’s Value Is as Important as Educating Her Mind

SUPER late night Wednesday wisdom:

I drove away from a place I worked for four years this afternoon, ending a career with children I had in one form or another off and on since 1999.

Education is fickle, subjective and often futile. Trends change, what’s true depends on the person, culture and religion, and oftentimes, we spend years training for one path, only to walk another. One man’s education is another man’s Tom-foolery, if you ask me.

But I didn’t get into teaching for the educating, anyway.

I love literature and history, but the real reason I wanted to teach was because as a child, it was my teachers who made me feel valuable when I needed it most.

One was a dance teacher who made me believe I was one of the top in the class. (I have no doubt I wasn’t.)

Three were English teachers who instilled a great love of reading in me. They told me I was a writer, and they stood by me as I won awards that they had nominated me for.

One was a showchoir director who loved me enough to call me a leader — and to tell me I was killing myself and needed to stop. I didn’t listen to her, but at least she cared enough to tell me.

Countless other teachers taught me through time and effort that I was worthy of something better. I mattered. I belonged.

This was my goal, too, for each child to leave my classroom believing they were valuable simply because they were here.

Today, I left knowing I accomplished what I came to do. And now it’s on to the next journey.

Y’all know I love a new adventure. 🙂#hippieatheart

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