I Almost Didn't Do This

I almost didn’t do this. 

I almost decided it was too late.

Too late to put myself out there. 

Too late to start again.

Too late to believe in myself. 

Too late to chase my dreams.

Too late to know who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. 

Too late…

But it’s not. 

It’s not too late to put myself out there. If I want to become the woman that I know I am, it all starts with being unashamed to show myself to the world. 

It’s not too late to start again. If I want to achieve anything, it begins with consistency. And consistency has a starting point. 

It’s not too late to believe in myself. There was a time I did. I’m ready to remember those days and believe in myself again. 

It’s not too late to chase my dreams. Until I’m no longer breathing and my heart stops beating, there’s time to run after the things I want in life. 

It’s not too late to know who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. I was once a girl who loved the outdoors, a good book, a homecooked meal, a belly laugh. I am a woman growing every day, trying to find the authenticity of that fearless girl. And I want to be all I can be in the present and future, a woman who loves her family, is close to her Creator, and is unapologetically enjoying her time left on Earth. 

But enjoying my time means changing what’s not working. 

There are some people, places and things in my life that must go. 

Some old habits that aren’t working for me anymore need to be replaced with new and healthy ones. 

And I must continue to chase radical acceptance and audacious authenticity. 

I won’t give up. 

It’s not too late. 

And though I almost didn’t do this–start my journey to a new life–I’m so glad I chose to. 

With love, 


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In 2023, I quit my teaching job to open a snow cone stand and haven't looked back! Now, I'm running my own business and writing about my midlife adventures on the side. Join me to chat about getting sober and healthy, staying married, raising kids, chasing dreams, aging naturally, and choosing to accept the abundant mystery of God's Grace!

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